YLW series boiler is a square coil horizontal chain grate assembly boiler, chain grate and boiler body separate from the factory, after the site is in place, just put the oil, electricity can be put into operation, the furnace using chain grate Mechanical coal, equipped with drums, induced draft fan for mechanical ventilation, and equipped with slag machine to achieve mechanical slag.

During the operation, the fuel falls from the coal hopper to the grate for combustion. The high-temperature flue gas passes through the rear arch and enters the furnace in front of the furnace. After radiative heat exchange on the radiant heating surface, it enters the convection heating surface for convection heat transfer, and then leads to waste heat. The boiler enters the air preheater and enters the precipitator. After the dust is removed, the exhaust gas is drawn by the induced draft fan through the chimney to the atmosphere.

The boiler heating surface consists of four parts: the radiant heating surface of the furnace, the convection tube bundle heating surface, the waste heat boiler, and the air preheater (economizer).

YLW Boiler
YLW Boiler

Radiation section

  • Adopt advanced structural style to optimize radiation heating surface and reduce the formation and discharge of flue gas dust in combustion room

Combustion room

  • According to the characteristices of organic heat carrier boiler and various kinds of coal,design various kinds of combustion room adapt to II,III bituminous coal, anthracite,sorts of biomass fuel.


  • Set up effective flue gas partition for convection heating surface and cast partition to make it work longer and more effectively
Industry application

Coal-fired heat-conducting oil furnaces are widely used in petrochemical industry, textile printing and dyeing industry, plastics and rubber industry, paper industry, grease industry, synthetic fiber industry, timber industry, man-made board, fiberboard hot pressing molding, drying, uninterrupted steaming all year round, building materials Industry mineral wool board processing, gypsum board drying, asphalt heating, candy processing, candied fruit processing, dried noodle drying, food industry, biscuit drying, oil pressing and beverage drying, paint and other heat sources below 350 degrees Celsius, food processing , wood processing, asphalt heating, carton production, vegetable dehydration, paint, sand mold drying and so on.


Performance advantages
  • With low pressure and high temperature characteristics.
  • Stable heating, precise control of temperature.
  • Keep thermal efficiency at an optimal level.
  • Complete operation control and safety monitoring device.
  • Reduce other consumption, save electricity, water and oil
  • Each welding seam has undergone rigorous polishing and rust removal before welding to ensure that the weld is 100% qualified at one time. (Plumbing end polishing, head machining, barrel ring joint, longitudinal joint, pipe hole, derusting map)
  • Fully digitally controlled four-roller coiler, completes a roll-to-roll system in 1 minute and 30 seconds, and the out-of-roundness and angular misalignment are accurately controlled within 1, mm. (with roll plate video or picture
  • 28 submerged arc automatic welding, matching different diameters and thickness of the cylinder, so that each weld has a precise welding parameter corresponds.
  • The patented threaded tobacco tube machine uses infra-red to measure the thread depth to ensure proper thread taste depth and strict guarantee of heat transfer coefficient and service life.


Model YLW-1400M/A YLW-1800M/A YLW-2400M/A YLW-2800M/A YLW-3500M/A YLW-4200M/A YLW-4600M/A
MW/h 1.4 1.8 2.4 2.8 3.5 4.2 4.6
x104kcal/h 120 160 200 240 300 360 400
Desigen working temperature(≤℃) 320 320 320 300 320 320 320
Rated working pressure(MPa) 0.8 0.8 0.8 0.8 0.8 0.8 0.8
Heat efficiency(≥%) 80 80 80 80 80 80 80
System installed capacity(KW) 55 63 76 85 105 125 155
Expansion slot 2.5 2.5 2.5 3.5 3.5 5 5
oil cistern 5 6 6 8 8 10 10
L 5000 5600 6500 6500 7500 7400 8000
W 2250 2250 2250 2550 2550 2870 2820
H 2450 2750 2800 3200 3200 3300 3350
Weight of biggest part for transportation 11000 12700 13500 14500 16500 25500 29000

The company’s strength

The company has advanced production processing equipment and complete testing method. the main processing equipment are serpent tube line, CNC coiler production line, membrane wall line, vertical & circle welding line, steel frame automatic welding line, digital control plasma(flame)cutting machine, CNC drum drilling, high-speed CNC flat surface drilling, high-speed header digital control drilling, 100mm three roller CNC universal binder, intersecting lines digital control cutting, CNC, robot welding equipment, 168 CNC three-dimensional bending equipment, 4 axis NC tube bending machine, 3D laser cutting machine, pipe end forming equipment, 100T universal material testing machine, metallurgical microscope, x-ray detector, hardness tester, spectrum analyzer, large scale heat treatment furnace, sand blasting and painting etc.

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