• Customer Profile: China’s key production base of antibiotics, a large state pharmaceutical companies
  • Purchase of equipment: SZL7-1.0/115/70-AII, DZL4-1.25-AII, SZL2.8-0.7/95/70-AII
  • Boiler Type: Coal Fired Hot water Boiler
  • Industry: Shenyang Railway Bureau
  • Customer address: Shenyang Railway Bureau
  • Project quota contribution: 7MW, 4 tons, 2.8MW
  • Project Type: Complete project (equipment and related equipment and provide installation and commissioning)

Case description:

Shenyang Railway Bureau is mainly based on railway passenger and freight transport as the main business, and the daily traffic is very large. In order to maintain normal operation, it consumes a lot of energy. The main uses of the boilers in the railway bureau are: the supply of hot water for workers and passengers along the route and heating in winter. China Railway Materials Co., Ltd. and China Railway International Tendering Co., Ltd. were commissioned by the Shenyang Railway Bureau to purchase 10 tons of hot water boilers through open tendering. The 7MW SZL coal-fired hot water boilers of Zhongzheng Boiler have reached the international advanced level. Technical performance and environmental protection indicators won the bid successfully. After being put into use, Shenyang Railway Bureau purchased 4 tons of DZL coal-fired steam boiler and 2.8 MW of SZL coal-fired hot water boiler from Zhongzheng boiler due to its low operating costs and ease of operation. Each one.

client feedback:

As the railway administration operates 24 hours a day, heating needs are very high and energy consumption is very serious. Zhongzheng boiler’s SZL coal-fired hot water boiler is designed by technicians based on advanced technology and experience at home and abroad, and all performance and environmental protection indicators have reached the international advanced level. This cooperation with Chiang Kai-shek is very enjoyable!