Model:   SHX series boiler
Fuel:       Bituminous coal, anthracite
Thermal power: 7~75MW
Pressure:   1.0/1.25/1.6/2.5 Mpa
Thermal efficiency: 84~86%


SHX CFB boiler: evaporation capacity 10-75l, with steam pressure of 1.25-2.5MPA and the steam temperature is saturated steam and superheated steam. hot-water boiler 7-58mw, supplies 130C/150’c hot wat. Under pressure of 1.0-16MPA: the returning water temperature is 70C/90C CFBC tech nology, boing a new type and matured high efficient, low pollution green technology, has a lot of merits, which can not be found in other combustion method.

Currently, requirements for environment protection become stricter daily, and electricity load adjustment range for power plant becomes bigger, varieties of coal supply changeable. direct combustion of raw coal takes higher ratio, national economy develops unevenly in different level, the contradiction between environment protection and coal burning pops out daily more, CFB boiler has become a first choice for high efficiency and low pollution new combustion technology.


Large furnace design

  • Large furnace,lower flow speed design. Allow pipe technology decrease erosive wear
  • Extend the stay time of coal particles in furnace to make coal fired sufficiently

Air preheater

  • Steel tube type air preheater decreases the exhausted gas temperature,improve furnace inlet air temperature and boiler heat efficiency

Ignition method

  • Unique wind chamber design provides two methods for user:ignition on bed and ignition under bed
Performance advantages
  1. CFB belongs to low temperature combustion; therefore, the exhaustion of nitrogen oxide is far more fewer than from coal powder furnace, only 200ppm approximately; at the same time. It is feasible to actualize direct desulfurizing during combustion, The efficiency of desulfurization is high and the equipment is simple and cheap as well. The initial investment for desulfurization and performance cost is a far lower than that of (PC+FCD)
  2. Extensive fuel ad apta bility and high combustion efficient, especially suitable for low orie inferior coal.
  3. The exhausted cinder has better activeness,liable to actualize intrgrated utilization and free from pollution.
  4. 4.Wide range for road adjustment, low load may lower to 30% approximately of the rated load.


Specification SHX10-1.25-AI























Rated evaporation capacity(supply heat) 10/7 15/10.5 20/14 25/17.5 30/21 35
工作压力(MPa)Rated pressure 1.25/1.6/2.5/1.0 1.25/1.6/2.5/1.0 1.25/1.6/2.5/1.0 1.25/1.6/2.5/1.0 1.25/1.6/2.5/1.25 1.25/1.6/2.5
Rated Steam temperature /Output water  temperature 194/204/225/115 194/204/225/115 194/204/225/115 194/204/225/115 194/204/225/115 194/204/225
Water supply temperature( return water temperature) 105/70 105/70 105/70 105/700 105/70 105
Heating area Furnace radiation 58 63 121.6 179 227 224
Convection 213 295 354.8 442.4 495 609
Economizer 247.8 476 446.4 535.7 740 470
Air preheater 94 128.9 280 357.3 404 367
Effective area of great 1.6 2.24 2.78 3.25 4.75 5.3
Fuel consumption 1952 3020 4217 5350 6325 6955
Thermal efficiency 84(运行running89) 84(运行running89) 84(运行running89) 84 84 84(运行running89)
Temperature in exhaustion 160 165 150 150 150 150
Weight of biggest part for transportation 1.56 2.51 3.6 4.1 4.2 4.9

The company’s strength

The company has advanced production processing equipment and complete testing method. the main processing equipment are serpent tube line, CNC coiler production line, membrane wall line, vertical & circle welding line, steel frame automatic welding line, digital control plasma(flame)cutting machine, CNC drum drilling, high-speed CNC flat surface drilling, high-speed header digital control drilling, 100mm three roller CNC universal binder, intersecting lines digital control cutting, CNC, robot welding equipment, 168 CNC three-dimensional bending equipment, 4 axis NC tube bending machine, 3D laser cutting machine, pipe end forming equipment, 100T universal material testing machine, metallurgical microscope, x-ray detector, hardness tester, spectrum analyzer, large scale heat treatment furnace, sand blasting and painting etc.

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