• Customer Name: Shenyang Third Thermal Heating Co., Ltd.
  • Customer Profile: Excellent Heat Supply Enterprise in Liaoning Province
  • Equipment purchased: DHL91-1.6/130/70-AII (angle tube type), DHL70-1.6/130/70-AII
  • Boiler Type: Hot Water Boiler
  • Industry: Electric power, heat production and supply
  • Customer Address: Tiexi, Shenyang
  • Project quota contribution: 3 sets of 91mw, 3 sets of 70mw
  • Project Type: Complete Project (Supply and Installation of Equipment and Supporting Equipment)

Project Introduction:
In order to ensure the heat supply is met, the Shenyang Municipal Government has listed the heating work as an important part of the performance appraisal of all districts and counties (cities). Shenyang’s third heat company is an excellent heat supply enterprise in Liaoning Province, and its heating area is spread throughout the city. District, Dongling District and Yuhong District. In order to ensure the quality of residents’ heating in the jurisdiction, Shenyang No. 3 Thermal Power Company purchased 3 sets of 91mw DHL series angle tube type water tube hot water boilers and 3 sets of 70mw DHL series water tube hot water boilers before and after respectively to Zhongzheng Boiler. The two hot water boilers of Zhongzheng have sufficient output, high thermal efficiency, safety and reliability, and are suitable for civil heating. This can help the third thermal company in Shenyang to implement the science division furnace, do a good job in regulating the heating system, and ensure the end of the heating system to provide balanced heat.

Customer feedback:
After the project was confirmed, Zhongzheng Boiler sent a professional technical team to install and debug it, ensuring that the heating during the heating operation was normal, stable, and 24 hours of continuous heating. Thanks to Zhongzhen Boiler’s professional technology, top equipment, and responsible attitude, we helped us prepare for the third heating of Shenyang before the onset of cold weather, and reached the heat supply targets required by the environmental protection department.