Our company has passed ISO9001:2000 quality management system international certification unit. We have established a set of service management system documents for customer service. We also strictly implement management and have a very serious and responsible spirit for our customers. Our company strictly follows the document: YG/CD7.5-03 “Implementation Measures for Sales Services” runs through pre-sales, sales, and after-sales services and implements a series of preferential measures for customers.
We guarantee that the goods are brand new, unused, manufactured using state-of-the-art processes and optimized materials, and fully comply with the quality, specifications and performance requirements of the contract. You can submit to the buyer the relevant quality certificates for the equipment and materials, certificates of origin, etc. The materials to be inspected are inspected as required and inspection reports and other data are provided. While we provide mature products, we will also provide high-quality technical services. Services are also part of our products. As long as the equipment is in place, our services are in place. We can give full play to our advantages and better serve our users. .

  1. Quality Assurance begins with technology and meets user requirements from product selection. We will provide mature technologies and products that are stable in operation and reliable in performance after practice tests.
  2.  Strictly formulate technical measures and strictly enforce the requirements. The operators are required to perform self-inspection according to the requirements of the drawings and the process documents. The full-time inspection shall be strictly controlled, and the unqualified products shall be eliminated from the factory;
  3.  During the installation period, the technicians shall be sent to the site to provide technical services, guide the installation quality, communicate with the company and supervision company departments in a timely manner, and find problems in a timely manner;
  4.  We have rich experience in the installation, commissioning and operation of large-scale boilers. If users find technical and quality problems in the process of use, our company will immediately repair the equipment to ensure that repairs are completed within the first time. Economic losses are minimized.
  1. Strictly implement the service file management system and track and communicate in a timely manner;
  2. Strictly fulfill the requirements of the contract and guarantee the delivery period;
  3. Free debugging training, training for operators in safety and technology;
  4. Find the problem in time to resolve, set up the service line telephone: 400-118-7088, fax: 0510-68991001. Implementation of 24-hour service to receive user calls, holidays do not rest;
  5. Annual inventory of various specifications of valves, meters, elbows, screws, nuts and other tools;
  6. Immediately after receiving the maintenance information, the local maintenance personnel arrived at the scene within 2 hours; in case of special circumstances, the company headquarters maintenance personnel arrived at the scene within 24 hours;
  7. Quality Assurance Period: The warranty period is 18 months after delivery of the equipment or 12 months after the equipment is put into operation, whichever comes first.
  8. Defects Warranty: If the defects are repeated many times after the unit equipment is delivered and used, we will submit the analysis report and solution until the final correction of the defect and the warranty provided will recalculate the warranty period from the date of correction. If the replacement is caused by negligence or misoperation beyond the scope of our responsibility, repairs shall be made by us and the additional cost shall be borne by both parties. During the warranty period, during the normal operation of the equipment, we regularly visit the site to inspect once, deal with hidden troubles in a timely manner; during the warranty period, failures occurred, free repairs, and free replacement of accessories.
  9. After the warranty period, the implementation of life-long maintenance equipment; maintenance costs after the warranty period, only to receive travel expenses and labor wages.

Corporate purpose: Create value for customers and provide opportunities for employees
Core Values: Achieving Customers Integrity and Integrity Accurate and Realistic
Principles of doing things: honesty, harmony, reasoning, communication