Service content


  • Purpose: To enable the user to grasp the working principle of the equipment and to use and maintain it safely and correctly.
  • Contents: Working principles, operating procedures, precautions during operation, routine maintenance, maintenance, and repair methods.
  •  methods: theoretical class and practical operation.

Field Service:

  • guide installation, calibration, on-site technical advice.
  • debugging.
  • maintenance.
  • on-site training.
  • troubleshooting.
  • on-site visit.

Return visit:
1. At least one on-site visit and monthly telephone interview.
2, supervise the user boot, maintenance, management.
3, feedback user service conditions.
4, feedback user product quality.
5, feedback users rationalization advice.

After-sales service measures and regulations


  •  According to the factory’s delivery list, the after-sales service office shall determine the list of equipment service responsible personnel within 1 day. The responsible person shall notify the user of the preparation of the receiving equipment according to the delivery list and arrival date, and establish user equipment files and economic files. .
  • The responsible person rushed to the construction site on the arrival date to assist the user in lifting and acceptance.
  • During the installation, technicians are stationed on site.


  • Zhongzheng’s after-sales engineers also assist users or installation companies in commissioning equipment.
  • If there is a failure, the after-sales service engineer first contacts the operator and telephone guidance; if not, he will rush to the site; the site cannot be resolved and immediately notify the company’s technical headquarters for assistance.
  • each device has a return visit after-sales service, comments are signed by the user, truly users directly monitor the company’s after-sales service.

Return visit:

  1. Visit the device once a month.
  2. Two-monthly call to communicate the operation technology of the user unit operator to hear and resolve various technical issues raised by the user.
  3. Formulate maintenance and maintenance methods for the transition season and guide users to implement it.
  4. After-sales service discipline.
    We treat people with patience, patience and meticulous care and work together.
    If the user has the commissioning conditions, the responsible person must complete the commissioning work within one week.

After-sales service standards

Full service:

  1. The entire process of service: from the confirmation of delivery, guide the installation, commissioning, to help users repair, maintenance, management, meticulous service from start to finish, responsible for the end.
  2. All-weather services: 7 * 24 hours of telephone consulting services, with the most effective and fastest service requirements to ensure that the user due to failure caused by the loss to a minimum.
  3. Full-service: Scheduled inspections and return visits are planned for all users, and full service for the series of repairs and maintenance of user equipments is effective.
  4. Whole-hearted service: patiently listen to user’s opinions and requirements, operate meticulously, provide quality services, and sincerely decline any gifts.

Five principles:

  1. “I advocate”: Promote the use of standard language of civilization.
  2. “Two put an end to”: to prevent users from making secondary complaints; to eliminate falsification.
  3. “Three musts”: Users must be returned regularly; they must follow the technical guidelines; they must implement 7*24-hour hotline consultation services.
  4. “four guarantees”: ensure timely; ensure quality; ensure the entire process of service; ensure the normal operation of equipment.
  5. “five seriously”: earnestly listen to the views of users; careful inspection and analysis of failures; careful debugging and maintenance; carefully fill in various forms; serious and user work relationships.