• Customer Profile:Xinjiang Airport 4.2MW, 2.8MW SZL coal-fired hot water boiler project
  • Purchase of equipment: 4.2MW, 2.8MW SZL4.2-0.7/95/70-AII, SZL2.8-0.7/95/70-AII
  • Boiler Type: Coal Fired hot water Boiler
  • Industry:Airport
  • Customer address:Xinjiang,China
  • Project quota contribution: D=15t/hP=1.25Mpa
  • Project Type: Complete project (equipment and related equipment and provide installation and commissioning)

Project Introduction:
Xinjiang Airport Group has jurisdiction over Urumqi, Kashgar, Yining, Korla, Altay, Aksu, Hetian, Kuche, Karamay, Hami, Tacheng, Bole, Narathi, Kanas, Turpan, and Qiemo. It has developed into the province with the largest number of civil airports in the country. Up to now, 29 airlines have operated scheduled flights to Urumqi International Airport, opening a total of 141 routes. The annual passenger throughput has exceeded 10 million passengers. Its winter heating, ground staff and passengers’ hot water supply all require boilers. Through open tendering, Zhongzheng boiler 4.2MW and 2.8MW SZL series coal-fired hot water boilers have successfully won the bid thanks to their high thermal efficiency and remarkable energy saving effect.

Customer feedback:
The usual passenger throughput of our airports is very large. In particular, during the tourist season, there is a great demand for heating. This time, the SZL series of coal-fired hot water boilers of Zhongzheng Boilers was selected through the bidding project. Because of its compact structure, the boiler rooms are arranged in a single layer, and on-site installation is very convenient. After being put into use, the heat efficiency of the furnace is very high, and the energy saving and emission reduction effect is very good.