• Customer Profile:Hualin Balasin Coal Mine
  • Purchase of equipment: 3 sets of SZL25-1.25-AII
  • Boiler Type: Coal Fired Steam Boiler
  • Industry: Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Customer address: Yulin, Shaanxi
  • Project quota contribution: 25 tons/hour
  • Project Type: Complete project (equipment and related equipment and provide installation and commissioning)

Project Introduction:

Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum Mining Co., Ltd. is responsible for the development and construction of mineral resources. It is mainly engaged in the exploration of coal, fluorspar, ferrosilicon and other resources, energy, chemical and coal bed methane development and utilization. Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum Balasu Coal Industry Co., Ltd. is A wholly owned subsidiary of the mining company. The Balahash mine is one of the planned mines in the Ju-Dong Coalfield (North District) of the Jurassic coalfield in northern Shaanxi. In 2015, the “Balashin Mine and Coal Preparation Plant Environmental Impact Report” requested the approval of the project. Russell Coal Investment Co., Ltd. invested and built and passed the bidding campaign. Zhongzheng was successfully selected. Next, Zhongzheng combined with the situation of the Balasu coal mine and coal preparation plant, discussed the boiler installation plan, estimated the pollutant discharge situation under different boiler configurations and the operating cost of the project. Eventually Zhongzheng was Balansu coal mine. Three sets of 25 steam-toned SZL coal-fired steam boilers were specifically developed.

Customer feedback:

Zhongzheng combined the characteristics of the location of the project and selected suitable boiler installation plans for us to achieve energy conservation and pollution reduction goals. From boiler selection, production, installation, operation and after-sales service, we are very responsible and very happy to cooperate with such a professional company.