• Customer Profile: Internationalized garment dyeing fabric suppliers
  • Purchase of equipment: SZL coal-fired steam boiler
  • Boiler Type:10 ton szl Coal Fired Steam Boiler
  • Industry: Internationalized garment dyeing fabric suppliers
  • Customer address: Pakistan’s KAY
  • Project quota contribution: D=15t/hP=1.25Mpa
  • Project Type: Complete project (equipment and related equipment and provide installation and commissioning)

Project Introduction:
KAY & EMMS Pakistan is an international supplier of garment dyeing fabrics. Many production processes such as dyeing/printing in KAY & EMMS’s daily life require heating with steam, so high-quality steam is essential. With the expansion of international business, in order to meet the increasing production demand, KAY & EMMS has purchased 10 steam-tons SZL coal-fired steam boilers and 3 million kcal YLW series heat-conducting oil furnaces produced by Zhongzhen Boiler.
SZL series boilers are designed by our company’s technical personnel according to the advanced technology and experience at home and abroad, which is a horizontal double boiler vertical installation chain furnace drain steam boiler. The designed coal is Class II bituminous coal. The main fuel for the SZL10-1.6-AII steam boiler is the richest class II bituminous coal in Pakistan’s coal resources, so KAY & EMMS chose this coal-fired boiler as a very wise choice.

Customer feedback:
Pakistan’s coal is richer than natural gas and is easily available. The 10 ton steam boilers and 350 KW heat-conducting oil boilers we purchased from Zhongzheng Boiler Co., Ltd. are all coal-fired and are cost-effective to use.